This genealogy is based on one of the Cadwallader lines of Dr. Rawlins Cadwallader’s Genealogy “The Cadwalladers In the United States” - namely John Cadwallader of Horsham. Some corrections and many additions were made to his information.

I did research work in the following Historical Societies: Philadelphia, Doylestown, West Chester, Norristown, and Swarthmore College. The minutes of the following Friends Meetings were searched: Abington, Horsham, Richland, Byberry, and also census records of the Pennsylvania Archives. John Cadwallader’s will at the Philadelphia City Hall, cemeteries, and deeds and other documents at the courthouses in Doylestown, Norristown, and Harrisburg were searched.

The following books were scanned for general information: “History of England” G. M. Trevaelyan; “Anglo-Saxon England” F. M. Stenton; “Royal Wales” Cledwyn Hughes; “History of the English People” Bede; “Travels in Northern Wales” Roscoe; “Anglo-Saxon Chronicle”; “History of Wales” Lloyd; “History of the Anglo-Saxons” Hodgkin; “History of the Kings of Britain” Geoffrey of Monmouth; “Wales - Description and Travel” Morris; “Welsh Settlements of Pennsylvania” Browning; “Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania” Glenn; “The Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy” Hinshaw; “American Biographical Dictionary” Webster; “Meeting-house and Counting-house” Tolles; “The World Book Encyclopedia” Field Enterprises Corporation; “Philadelphia - Holy Experiment” Struthers Burt; “American Origins” Pine; “Encyclopedia of Names and Places”; “Sketches from English History” Wheeler; “Merion of the Welsh Tract” Glenn; “Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania” Glenn; “Welsh Settlements of Pennsylvania” Browning; “Genealogical Annals - Bucks County” David Powell; “Montgomery County History” Bean; “History of Bucks County” Davis; “History of Bucks County” Battle; “History of Chester County” Futhey; “History of the Yardley Family” Yardley; “History of Northumberland County” Bell; “History of Montour County”; ”Hopewell Friends’ History”; “Shoemaker-Lukens Genealogy”; “Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania”; “Biographical Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania”; “Genealogy of the Benjamin Branch of the Cadwallader Family” Eli Trumbower; “Comly Family of America” G. Norwood Comly; “Hallowell-Paul Genealogy” Hough; “Compendium of American Genealogy”; “Gilbert Cope Materials; “Bennett Family History” Durand; “Walker Genealogy” Streets; “The Friend” Haverford College Library.