This site was created from a book called “The Descendants of John Cadwallader of Wales, Horsham and Warminster”, written by my aunt, Anna Supplee Hill Baker (shown here about 1916), and published in 1970. She spent many years researching and preparing the information, and we are indebted to her for her effort. She obtained, organized, and published genealogy data for thousands of individuals without the benefit of the computers we enjoy today. Since there are very few copies of her book in print, I felt it worthwhile to make the information available to the many descendants that have not had access to the book.

If, in using the information you find here, you discover errors, please contact me. I hope you enjoy and benefit from the knowledge of our ancestors.

The beginning pages of the book can be read using the menu to the left. To search for someone, click the Genealogy link or use the Search panel to the right.

The entire book can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking here.