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1 After retirement he went to Mexico to live. CADWALLADER, Charles (I2940)
2 Died at age 20. MORRIS, India (I2591)
3 Died young. PICHER, Mary Ellen (I2757)
4 Died young. PICHER, Reginald (I2759)
5 Died young. PICHER, William Stanton (I2760)
6 He built the first log cabin in Vermont Township. CADWALLADER, Isaac (I1004)
7 He died as a youth. CADWALLADER, George W. (I1339)
8 He died of scarlet fever. BONNER, Robert Garfield (I2777)
9 He died of scarlet fever. BONNER, George Fox (I2779)
10 He died while serving with the army during the Civil War. HOUGH, Oliver (I1510)
11 He joined the Army and was never heard from again. LUKENS, John (I315)
12 He married in 1866. MORRIS, Samuel (I1681)
13 He spent a number of years in Alaska and then in Oregon. CADWALLADER, Charles Lee (I2656)
14 He was a Mormon and lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. He had plural wives and had 9 children by his 1st wife and 6 daughters by his 2nd wife. He married Mary Jane- Little 11-22-1875 and Julia Anna Orton 1121-1879. Part of both families were born in Colonia Diaz, Mexico, where the family moved and lived several years because of the feeling about polygamy. Several small colonies were established in Mexico by families who were practicing polygamy. Sometime in 1912 the Church authorities advised the people of these colonies to move back into the United States as they felt there was serious trouble ahead. It was at this time that Pancho Villa and his group were on the rampage in Northern Mexico. JOHNSON, Elmer Wood (I2397)
15 He was killed at Glendale, PA. CRAMER, Thomas (I2738)
16 he was the first white man married in Fulton County. Family F377
17 Her first husband had died. Family F567
18 Her surname from a previous marriage was Markle. Family F451
19 Married 1895, no children. BROWN, Edwin Morris (I2589)
20 Married, no children. CONDIT, Orloff (I2502)
21 Mary and Jane were twins. CADWALLADER, Mary (I3381)
22 Mary and Jane were twins. CADWALLADER, Jane (I3382)
23 No children. HALDEMAN, Eli Newton (I2830)
24 No children. CADWALLADER, Sarah Catherine (I2836)
25 No children. ABBOTT, Sarah Frances (I2847)
26 She died as a child. CADWALLADER, Sarah Paul (I2631)
27 She was from Milo, IA. They moved to Kansas, then Oklahoma, then Illinois by covered wagon. Family F911
28 The book also lists the date of marriage as April 12, 1826. Family F318
29 They were married out-of-meeting. He was later reinstated in the MM. Family F47